Patients Reviews

I absolutely love Lyn. Not only is she am amazing massage therapist, but she's kind, hilarious, and intuitive. In addition, her expertise in energy healing means she is doing so much more than rubbing out a muscle knot or kink in your neck–she's attacking the issue at it's root, which also ensures she's aware of the signals your body gives when a particular touch is or isn't properly addressing the source of pain. Any LMT can give you a decent massage; Lyn gives you a holistic healing experience. Cannot possibly recommend her enough.


Nik B. | Jan 24, 2023

Shawn is very professional and helped me a lot to recover after sciatic nerve was inflated.


Eugeni N. | Jan 21, 2023

felt heard, appreciate curiosity and commitment to investigating complex/multi-factorial health barriers, including referrals and a thoughtful, clear treatment strategy.


S R. | Jan 18, 2023
5 stars / 3 reviews